Posted on by Adam Nagy

Yes, you read that right! We offer absolutely exquisite roses that last a whole year. They are top shelf roses, imported straight from Columbia.

If you thought women love flowers, they will be head over heels for our luxurious arrangements. Not only are our roses of a high quality they also come looking like a billion dollars. Every girl deserves the absolute best life has to offer and our roses offer exactly that.

We specialise in immaculate floral arrangements that can be as customised as you want or as simple yet elegant as you need. We have a great delivery service for local Sydney based orders. But don't get us wrong, nationwide and worldwide orders get the same billionaire customer experience. We take our quality and customer service very seriously.

If you're looking for a very special gift for someone who truly deserves it, The Billion Roses is your answer. Our roses look just as gorgeous after a year as they do on the first day. Given, our flower care guidelines are followed and the roses are treated with plenty tender love and care.

Check out our array of standard and customisable roses that last a year here.