Posted on by Amit Anil

We have two new gorgeous floral creations added to our Billionaire family! Meet brother and sister duo Beary Potter and Winnie the Teddy. We call them the Gorgeous Teddy Twins. 

They are the cutest teddy twins made from fresh and exotic Chrysanthemums. These oh-so-lovely floral creations last for 10 days and up to 12 days when you follow our care instructions that come with your gorgeous floral teddys.

Say I love you with our Teddy Twins on special occasions:

Stand out on birthdays:

The best way to make an impact and raise eyebrows for your special someone's birthday is to show up with one of our Teddy Twins. These are irresistible to everyone regardless of age.

"I love you thiiiiiiiiis much" said the Teddy Twins to your better half:

There's nothing better than making a little effort for your better half on Valentines Day. Everyone appreciates a little extra love on the day from you. Question is, which one of the twins will you choose? haha

Anniversaries are to bring back first date butterflies:

Anniversaries are hard to keep track of, especially when life is going full speed. Our Teddy Twins are an elegant and unique way to confess your undying love as it gets better by the year. These two cuties brighten up every room they enter with smiles all around :)

See Winnie & Beary Potter, The Teddy Twins in all their glory: