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The Billion Roses Sydney

Billion Custom Round Arrangement - lasts for years

This message will be printed onto the plain white greeting card. 300 characters. No emojis.
In case of any questions regarding the delivery or the bouquet, we are going to contact you (the sender) on this number. NOT the recipient's contact number needed here, you can let us know that later in the checkout.
I understand that positioning dark coloured roses next to light coloured roses may result in the dark colour roses bleed onto the light coloured roses. E.g. the red ones may bleed onto the white ones next to each other.
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This fun twist on the solid-color “roses that last a year”, this bouquet has two colors of roses. You can add an extra personal touch to your bouquet! Choose from multiple real flower colors for the outside perimeter roses and the roses on the inside of the design. These roses make the perfect floral arrangement; the colors can match for any occasion. Available for worldwide and for Sydney local delivery.


Approximately 25 to 30 preserved roses are included in the bouquet, depending on the individual sizes of the rose bud.

  • No water needed!
  • Complimentary personalised message written on our customised stationery


Please note: Positioning dark colored roses next to light colored roses may result in the dark color roses mark and bleed onto the light colored roses.

The colours are not always correspond to the pictures so please choose the correct ones for you carefully from the dropdown lists.